Karen with statue of childrenA question I’m often asked is, who would need, want and hire a coach?  Most people find great benefit in coaches.

Who hires a coach?

Typically people who feel that their lives are not complete or fulfilling.  (This probably includes most of us – the question is whether people decide to take the time to coach.)  Coaching usually consists of a few sessions – in the case of my clients often from 3 – 8 sessions.
While people seem to think it’s odd to go to a coach (after all until recently many people have lived great lives without one), most clients realize that coaching has made such a significant difference in the course of their life that they would highly recommend coaching to others.

Those who are struggling with priorities and making time for themselves are definitely good coaching candidates.  Likewise people who are finding that they rarely get a chance to contemplate their goals, let alone consider how to go about achieving them.  Some who feel uncomfortable speaking up or tend to put their needs on the back burner would benefit from coaching.

Coaching is very helpful for those who don’t take time to figure out how they want their lives to progress.  People who are caught up in the daily schedule and to do list may find working with a coach to be remarkably empowering.

While coaching is a relatively new field, its benefits are enormous.  So if you’re asking the question, “Why coaching?”, ask instead the more important question, “Why not coaching?”