What Guys Should Give For Valentine’s Day

Here is my response to an article by Judy Clement Wall.  Both her article “The Solution To Every Man’s Valentine’s Day Dilemma” and my response were originally published on Good Men Project on 2/13/15.

——Karen Leeds’ response reprinted from Good Men Project:

So often guys wonder what gift they can give. They rack their brain. What did they give last year? Do they have to get something different or somehow more impressive. They ask friends. They think about it. Feel guilty that maybe they haven’t done enough.

There are definitely some women who enjoy gifts. However, I believe the majority of us would like you. Just you. You – in a loving, accepting, nurturing, supporting, adoring, giving state of mind. It’s a simple concept – we just want you. You – present, peaceful. No complications, demands or challenges… and giving us what so few can really say we often receive – unconditional love. No strings attached. Nada. You… with that big heart, sweet smile and open soul. It can make us cry – it’s so simple and beautiful. And there is nothing else quite like the feeling we get from it. Thanks guys…incredibly profound. And if you want to bring a small gift too it probably wouldn’t be turned away…

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