Testimonials from Karen’s satisfied coaching clients

holiday lightsKaren, thank you so much for our powerful session.  You helped me get down to the core issue of what was holding me back from taking my business forward – and your insights were powerful and laser-focused.  Before working with you, I was struggling with fear of sharing my message, and it was keeping me immobilized.

All I could think about was all the things that could possibly go wrong.  And not only that but I was stuck in my “story” about myself – not a very empowered place to be.  Through working with you, I was able to quickly transform that and see that this was something I could easily and enjoyably step into.  Now I have an action plan.  I can do this! Thank you so much for your sharp insights and your ability to focus in on the problem, and help me get out of my own way.”
– Sandra Gardner  www.authenticityandpurpose.com

“I would highly recommend coaching with Karen.  I am truly lucky to have come across her at the Simmons Women’s Leadership Conference.  We instantly hit it off at one of the breakout sessions focused on Coaching and Leadership.  I am a new manager with a lot to learn, so meeting her at the time I did was serendipitous.  My sessions with her have been thought provoking and enjoyable.  Karen asked me the right questions and guided me to think outside the box, which eventually led me to develop my own solutions.  After just a few sessions with Karen, I have been able to take her coaching and apply it to any decision or issue I have to work through as a manager.  Karen has the natural ability to make people feel at ease and to get them to talk without any hesitation.  Our sessions focused on a work related issue.  I had been having difficulty in connecting with one of the people that I lead.  Karen provided the blend of support, engagement and challenge that I needed in order to address the situation.  She enabled me to see my situation from another perspective, which allowed me to take significant steps toward positive, effective interactions.”
– Melissa

“I have been working with Karen and am creating the life I want and deserve – and enjoying that process.  Karen is kind, compassionate, supportive, non-judgmental, sweet, accommodating, sincere, knowledgeable, and intuitive.  She is a great listener and is very positive and helpful with her responses.  She easily adapted to my personality and spoke to me in a way that was easy to hear and digest.  The way she created an atmosphere of comfort and safety seemed to come easily to her and I believe it is critical for the kind of work she is doing with others.  Because Karen is naturally positive and upbeat, it sets a tone that is uplifting and inspiring.  I am confident that she has a true understanding of human nature and knows how to work with my blocks and missteps without giving me the feeling that there is something wrong with me.  Actually, she lets me know that I am great!  After my first session with Karen, I took two actions in my life that I found surprisingly easy because something had already shifted in me.  I’m not looking for “the easy way out” but I do believe when you are ready to make changes, it is easy.  Karen came into my life when I was ready and I am very grateful for her.  I would recommend her to all my family and friends and will be passing out her business cards.  She is a gift to me and I want to share her with people I love!”
– Karamjeet

“It was great meeting you at the three day conference.  You are an inspiration to me and I am so glad we met.  I took your advice and I feel like a brand new person.  All the weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I know  nothing can stop me anymore.  Thank you so much!”
– Ariana

“It has been a pleasure working with Karen.  She is a wonderful coach and mentor and is very insightful.  Since I have been working with Karen I feel more relaxed and in control of my life.  Each time that we meet we agree on simple action items that are steadily bringing me closer to my goals. She is also coaching me to communicate my needs more effectively, which is improving my relationships.  I really look forward to our sessions together.  I highly recommend Karen as a life coach without hesitation.”
– Annie

“Before I started working with Karen I would jump into things without thinking them through. Now I first look at a situation and decide if it is right for me before I jump. I’m finding this to be very empowering. Also, Karen asks the right questions, the ones that really get you thinking about your life in a way you might not have thought about it before.”
– Cindy

“It really was helpful meeting with you.  I needed to talk with someone about everything and you were the perfect person to do it with.  I also like several of the ideas you came up with.  Good luck with your coaching career!   I applaud you.”
– Belinda

“I’m really looking forward to our next talk.  I’m still processing the good information I got out of our first meeting and can’t wait to see what comes next!”
– Karamjeet

“I have valued our conversations and after only 3 sessions have already learned from the thoughtful questions and comments you have made in analyzing my situation.  I am extremely grateful to have met you.  You have the natural ability to put people at ease and get them talking.”
– Melissa

“Thanks so much for meeting with me last night.  I really enjoyed talking with you.  The time just flew.  It was a great session.  I think our personalities worked very well together!  I will implement the new things we spoke about.”
– Annie