9 Secrets to Making a Woman’s Heart Sing

My article appeared on Good Men Project April 1, 2015.  It received 2,207 shares.
9 Secrets to Making a Woman’s Heart Sing.
March 21, 2015 by Karen Leeds

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9 Secrets to Making a Woman’s Heart Sing

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What Guys Should Give For Valentine’s Day

Here is my response to an article by Judy Clement Wall.  Both her article “The Solution To Every Man’s Valentine’s Day Dilemma” and my response were originally published on Good Men Project on 2/13/15.

——Karen Leeds’ response reprinted from Good Men Project:

So often guys wonder what gift they can give. They rack their brain. What did they give last year? Do they have to get something different or somehow more impressive. They ask friends. They think about it. Feel guilty that maybe they haven’t done enough.

There are definitely some women who enjoy gifts. However, I believe the majority of us would like you. Just you. You – in a loving, accepting, nurturing, supporting, adoring, giving state of mind. It’s a simple concept – we just want you. You – present, peaceful. No complications, demands or challenges… and giving us what so few can really say we often receive – unconditional love. No strings attached. Nada. You… with that big heart, sweet smile and open soul. It can make us cry – it’s so simple and beautiful. And there is nothing else quite like the feeling we get from it. Thanks guys…incredibly profound. And if you want to bring a small gift too it probably wouldn’t be turned away…

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12 Secrets to Feeling Fulfilled in a Relationship

My article went live on Good Men Project website on March 1, 2015:
12 Secrets to Men Feeling Alive and Fulfilled in a Relationship

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12 Secrets to Men Feeling Alive and Fulfilled in a Relationship

9 Ways to Really Show Up in Your Life

My article was originally published on February 4, 2015 on Good Men Project as part of their Inspiration Unpacked Series.
It received 1,572 shares.

9 Ways to Really Show Up in Your Life and Relationships

Being physically present is only ONE aspect of showing up, being fully present takes a whole lot more.


Karen with statue of childrenA question I’m often asked is, who would need, want and hire a coach?  Most people find great benefit in coaches.

Who hires a coach?

Typically people who feel that their lives are not complete or fulfilling.  (This probably includes most of us – the question is whether people decide to take the time to coach.)  Coaching usually consists of a few sessions – in the case of my clients often from 3 – 8 sessions.
While people seem to think it’s odd to go to a coach (after all until recently many people have lived great lives without one), most clients realize that coaching has made such a significant difference in the course of their life that they would highly recommend coaching to others.

Those who are struggling with priorities and making time for themselves are definitely good coaching candidates.  Likewise people who are finding that they rarely get a chance to contemplate their goals, let alone consider how to go about achieving them.  Some who feel uncomfortable speaking up or tend to put their needs on the back burner would benefit from coaching.

Coaching is very helpful for those who don’t take time to figure out how they want their lives to progress.  People who are caught up in the daily schedule and to do list may find working with a coach to be remarkably empowering.

While coaching is a relatively new field, its benefits are enormous.  So if you’re asking the question, “Why coaching?”, ask instead the more important question, “Why not coaching?”


What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Karen and Jennifer picking apples
Therapy tends to be focused on the past, while coaching is oriented toward the future.  In coaching, there is much less concern with what happened in your past.  Instead, the focus is on what is currently happening in your life and how this can be shifted in a positive direction for you.

People who should choose therapy over coaching include those who are stuck in the past (either because of a traumatic

event or relationship), those who have been caught up in substance abusing or those with mental health issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.

Emotionally healthy people who would like to overcome limitations that society may have inadvertently placed on them, are perfect clients for coaching.  This would include the vast majority of people.

Surprisingly, coaching is typically quite effective in a short period of time, perhaps because it deals with what is happening now and why as opposed to dredging up the past and trying to understand it.

Choosing a coach with whom you feel at ease is very important.  Coaching should be an empowering process, where you (the client) through conversation with your coach, come up with not only the agenda but also the best course of action.


How To Create A Fulfilling Life (Like a Salad Brimming Over With Apple Chips)

How do we have a fulfilling life?

First, we have to recognize what is getting in our way.  Often we were taught to be “nice” and take care of others.  That is terrific, except who is taking care of us?

When I was young I was painfully shy.  I walked around middle school looking at the ground.  But now I enjoy getting up to speak in front of a group.  Somewhere along the way I developed confidence and the ability to speak up.  It’s not always easy though.
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Karen with kohlrabi

Sometimes we are completely unaware of the possibilities in life.

Karen with kohlrabiWhen we design our lives, we often model them after lives of those close to us – parents, relatives, siblings, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc.  What we don’t realize is that life can look remarkably different.

Who knew such alien looking vegetables even existed on this planet?  Here are two different colored kohlrabi – an unusual vegetable that many of us have never heard of, let alone seen or even tasted.

We tend to create a life direction based on what we know or see as familiar.  Clearly that may not include the possibility of something radically different.

Our life’s direction is up to us.  Until we are aware of our options, we won’t be able to live life to its fullest.

So many of us, take a familiar, yet not necessarily desirable route through life.  However, taking a new path should always remain a possibility to be tapped and explored.