7 Steps to Life Coaching Magic

Here are the 7 STEPS TO LIFE COACHING MAGIC, which will launch your unique path to amazing relationships and peace.

How to find freedom, create peace and restore energy to follow your dreams!

Karen with ferret Georgie
Note:  Your dreams may or may not include a ferret (don’t kiss one – yuck!) but ENVISION:

– What you want in your life and also
– What you don’t dare say you want


– what you think you should want
– OR what those close to you believe you want

~ A road map of pitfalls to avoid
~ A gallon of the right attitude to remain determined, yet flexible as you continue on your path and
~ The following 7 little known steps which propel you toward your destination:

FOCUS on what you want to see in your life (get some perspective)

DESCRIBE what you see now (become aware of the difference or gap)

IDENTIFY ways in which your time and energy are being drained

DECIDE which area you’ll tackle first (what makes sense after our conversation)

MAKE these small changes to become confident & successful:

^ Put yourself first (2 most important ways to do this effectively)
^ Be effective in speaking (4 critical components to communication)
^ Act like a leader (2 biggest pitfalls to avoid)
^ Be present (discover the 5 most common time and energy drains)
^ Feel important (specifics of how to do this)
^ Be aware of others and their needs (the keys to avoiding frustrating talks)
^ Include others (how to master the art of working with a team)

WATCH together what happens (your small ripples create waves of change)

LEARN from the results of your changes (create new action plans)

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